⭐ We present Shimano Vcycle 700C carbon wheels super light, yes, obviously not cheap. It is a very premium option in terms of budget, but it will undoubtedly delight the lucky one who can opt for this choice. The wheels manufactured in carbon are very effective in terms of lightness and durability, since they are several times more resistant than aluminum, for example. Most professional cyclists usually change aluminum wheels for carbon wheels. The composition of the carbon wheels also makes aerodynamic performance much more effective, this compared to aluminum really makes a big difference. That is why it is a very premium option.

Ruedas Vcycle 700C
Ruedas Vcycle 700C

Interesting, right? There is a lot of attention to the technical characteristics, since these super light wheels are not suitable for any road bike. For this reason, better take a look at the following section of the review:

  • Size: 700C
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Finish: UD Matte
  • Surface Of Brakes: Basalt
  • Radios Holes: 20/24
  • Max Voltage Radii: 130 kg
  • Maximum Weight Allowed: 110 kg
  • Highest inflation pressure: 120 psi / 8bar
Vcycle 700C de fibra de carbono
Vcycle 700C de fibra de carbono

Of course, we could not stop including the comments of the buyers, who tend to be the most reliable in the end:

  1. Enchanted with them. The seller resolved all my doubts during the purchase process. Excellent atention. Aesthetically very beautiful and the logos are painted non-adhesive. Quality detail for some wheels of this price. They carry spare radios as well as brake pads and light closures. The weight within the tolerances indicated in the description. Today first exit with wind and rain. The wheels have behaved perfectly. Super light. They roll fine and they throw themselves very easily. The perfect braking in dry and more than correct in wet. Nothing to envy my premium brand aluminum wheels and they cost twice as much.
  2. Used only in two exits of 70 and 145km. Without any problem. Braking power with the shoes that bring you very good with nothing to envy aluminum. Light They roll very fine. You just need to test them in the wet to see how they slow down and see if they can hold the km well. They have arrived perfectly centered. Easy mounting of the tubular with double-sided tape. I recommend them considering that I have only used them in two exits.
  3. They look great on the bike and are perfect on the road. Very happy with them, and it seems that the performance will be perfect!

Pay attention to the offers that Amazon has for these wheels, without a doubt the best option to buy them right now:

VCYCLE 700C Fibra de Carbono Carretera Bicicleta Ruedas 50mm Remachador 23mm Ancho 1700g Shimano o Sram 8/9/10/11 Velocidades
  • VCYCLE basalto superficie de frenado tiene la ventaja de resistencia da alta temperatura puede reducir la probabilidad de ruedas carbono carretera bicicleta de ardor de lado.
  • Novatec eje de carretera que se hace en Taiwán es durable, la luz y pueden utilizar 3-5 años bajo uso normal.
  • Hace de 23mm de ancho nuestras ruedas tiene más peso, mejor estabilidad y sentido de camino. También, mejora la aerodinámica creando un flujo de aire más uniforme sobre la rueda.
  • Pinchos es más ligero que pinchos de acero y tiene de intensidad alta, larga vida útil. Pastillas de freno son por encargo según la llanta de carbono carretera bicicleta y proteja el lado de freno en la mayor medida. Cuatro radios perfilados aerodinámicas gratuito y pezones pueden sustituir a las dañadas.
  • Garantía: 24 meses bajo uso normal.Los impuestos son pagados por adelantado por el vendedor, el comprador no tiene que pagar por ello

More options of carbon fiber wheels:

Bestseller No. 1
ZCXBHD 700C Bicicleta De Carretera Juego De Ruedas Fibra Carbon Freno De Disco Liberación Rápida 7/8/9/10/11 Velocidad Volante Aleación Aluminio Ruedas (Color : Red, Size : 55MM)
Buje: delantero 2 trasero 4 rodamientos sellados, aluminio + fibra de carbono; Radios: delantero 20 agujeros, trasero 24 agujeros, barras redondas
572,89 EUR
Bestseller No. 2
ZNND 700C Ultraligero Bicicleta Conjunto De Rueda 40 Mm De Fibra De Carbono del Tubo Concentrador De Carretera Rueda De Bicicleta Set V/C De Frenos (Color : Red)
Anti-cursor conjunto de fibra de carbono tubo hub carretera rueda de bicicleta [Nombre]; tubo de fibra de carbono Ultra-luz [Huagu]
248,89 EUR
Bestseller No. 3
26 / 27.5 in Juego De Ruedas De Bicicleta Ruedas De Bicicleta Híbrida Fibra De Carbono Ultraligera Freno De Disco De Llanta MTB De Doble Pared Bicicleta De Montaña 24 Disco 9/10/11 Velocidad,27.5in
★ Material: juego de ruedas de aleación de doble pared, Peso: 1850 g / par; ★ Aplicable: Adecuado para neumáticos de 26 / 27.5 pulgadas de 1.35 "a 2.35" de ancho.
174,40 EUR
Bestseller No. 4
Rueda de cejas Protector - PASOS DE RUEDA, fibra de carbono de la rueda de coche de la ceja Anti-cero anticolisión Pad Negro 150 CM
Las cejas de ruedas pueden ser protegidos para evitar que la pintura se desprenda.; Proteger a las ruedas de la suciedad, arañazos, arena y otros daños externos.
21,33 EUR

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