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ᐈ Squirt Lube, best-selling chain lubricant in 2020 ✓

⭐ We bring one of the least taken into account products in terms of bike accessories, and yet it is essential to run on a regular, reliable and without incident. We talk about the lubricant of the chain, we are talking about Squirt Lube, the lubricant most chosen by the riders in 2018. It is evident that the lubricant of the chain may not be given the importance it has, but we must bear in mind that the greasing of chain affects more assemblies than the chain itself, such as pinions and plates. And that is where you have to notice the choice of the best product.

Squirt Lube lubricante de cadena
Squirt Lube lubricante de cadena

Squirt Lube is a unique chain lubricant that contains waxes and water in the form of an emulsion that stays clean for a long time, prolonging the service life of the entire drive train, even in wet conditions. Its viscous texture allows an easy application, without dispersion of the product in undesired areas and in the necessary amount. It also keeps the chain clean at all times, since it does not accumulate dirt.

  •     It does not need degreaser.
  •     Does not contain solvents.
  •     Biodegradable product and respectful with the environment.
  •     Avoid sucking the chain.

Employment recommendations for Squirt Lube:

Shake well and apply on the inside of a clean and dry chain by turning the connecting rods. Do not eliminate the excess, even if it seems excessive.
For better results, leave secra a few minutes. In wet conditions it is important that the lubricant be completely dry.

Then you can buy Squirt Lube at the Amazon store:

Squirt Clean Long Lasting Chain lube 120ml
  • Squirt Lubricante de larga duración para cadenas de bicicletas.

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