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ᐈ Tacx Antares T-1000 Best training roller ✓

⭐ The Tacx Antares T-1000 roller is, without a doubt, the BEST roll of training at home in the market in 2018! For its robustness, design and stability, you will buy the best option in the market to train without leaving home. The Tacx brand is well known for its products for both professionals and weekend riders. His training roller is the classic one formed by 3 cylinders of blue color, typical of the brand, placed on the frame. They are solid rollers that move fluidly, with central bearings that prevent vibration.


Rodillo Tacx Antares T-1000
Tacx Antares T-1000

There is a wide variety of rollers on the market, so if you want to know which is the best bicycle roller in 2018 do not stop reading our review, where we tell you what is the choice of bike fans, and we list all the details. Its characteristics make this roller the most chosen by buyers this year 2018, check out these comments below:

  1.     Outstanding design that improves stability.
  2.     Tapered rollers that guarantee that your bike stays always in the center.
  3.     Great balance in static, improving security.
  4.     Small size, ideal for storage and handling without major problems.
  5.     Silent besides comfortable.

We hope that this video is sufficiently demonstrative of the functionalities of the Tacx Antares T-1000 roller. All these details make Tacx Antares T-1000 ideal for training those rainy days or you do not have much time to go out. Do not miss the best training roller on the market!

Attention to the comments on this roller:

  1.     It is a very practical roller to train in winter. You do not have to hold the bicycle, which is an advantage so that the materials of the frame do not suffer so much fatigue.
  2.     This roller is perfect to train at home and improve your balance technique, I use it with road bike and it is very quiet.
  3.     The roller works wonders. I bought it as a reconditioned product and it arrived untouched, with no marks of use and everything was perfect.
  4.     I recommend it 100%. If you guide that your workouts are not accompanied by boredom this is your roller. I got used to it right away and I've been around for 300km, very happy.

See the offers we have for you to buy the best training roller:

Tacx Antares - Rodillo de ciclismo, Unisex-Adult, Negro, Talla única - T1000
  • Su forma cónica mejora notablemente la estabilidad.
  • Dimensiones al plegarse: 800 x 470 x 135 mm.
  • Dimensiones de la unidad: Máx. 1350 x 470 mm.
  • Bicicletas compatibles: Con diámetro de rueda de 26" a 29".
  • Altura: 135 mm.

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RebajasBestseller No. 1
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Ciclismo dentro de casa en el mal tiempo, el invierno o mirando su serie favorita; Se entrega completamente montado - Montaje rápido gracias a la liberación rápida
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Bestseller No. 3
Tacx Antares - Rodillo de ciclismo, Unisex-Adult, Negro, Talla única - T1000
Su forma cónica mejora notablemente la estabilidad.; Dimensiones al plegarse: 800 x 470 x 135 mm.
238,06 EUR
Bestseller No. 4
Correa de transmisión Tacx T1043, Goma, Unisex, Gris, Talla única
Correa de transmisión de repuesto para conectar los rodillos delantero y trasero.; Se adapta a Tacx Antares T-1000 y Tacx Galaxia T-1100.
7,49 EUR

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