Here you have the new saddle Outerdo, the most chosen saddle and sold in 2018, for its comfort, aerodynamic design and price. A saddle designed specifically to make the riding experience comfortable on long runs, where a bad choice of this piece can turn into a real nightmare. Therefore, do not get confused and choose after having carefully read this review that we bring you, so as not to fail.

sillín Outerdo, el más elegido en 2018
Outerdo saddle, the most chosen in 2018


Saddle for economic bicycle and with very good finishes, eligible in several very colorful colors. The assembly is simple, you can have it installed in a few minutes. And especially if what worries you the most is comfort, and it is very comfortable. Definitely a good choice.

Take a look at the technical features below:

  • Easy to wash.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Polyurethane + leather + steel
  • Multiple color options: black white and blue, black and red, black and green, black and yellow, blue and red and white, green and white, yellow and white.
  • Size: 27 x 14cm (L x W)
    sillín Outerdo, el más elegido en 2018
    Outerdo, the most chosen saddle

    Sillín Outerdo en color rojo
    Outerdo saddle in red

In addition, buyers valued this saddle like this:

  1. I liked the model, I use it on a road, it is ergonomic, slim but padded, comfortable, I would buy it again, it also combines well with the colors of my bike.
  2. I am delighted it is much more comfortable with difference and apparently of very good qualities.
  3. The size is very good, it is exactly the same as what your bike had until now. It is not a stone, nor is it bland, it is very how. The design and the finishes are very good. The truth is that both my brother and I have been very happy.
  4. The saddle is big and comfortable. Aesthetically it is beautiful and has a good price Easy placement Quality and price ratio good.

See the offers we have for you to buy this saddle:

Outerdo Sillín de Bicicleta Mtb Gel Cómodo Silla de Montar Trekking Ciudad 2715Cm
  • Moda y diseño aerodinámico de silla de montar.
  • Excelente firmeza a prueba de golpes y máxima.
  • Peso ligero, El cojín de la clasificación le hace cómodo para el ciclo largo del tiempo.
  • Diseño humano de la forma, diseño hueco para hacerle la sensación más fresca, elástico grueso cómodo y respirable, puede mantener un paseo cómodo por un tiempo largo.
  • Instalación fácil para el asiento de la silla de montar de la bici que es conveniente para todas las clases de bici, fáciles lavarse, la mejor opción para montar esencial.

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