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ᐈ Chicco First Bike, the best-selling, the preferred ✓

We could not let more time pass without touching the theme of children's bikes, especially those without pedals that are becoming increasingly popular in 2018. Here we bring the number 1 market, and therefore, the preferred choice at the time to acquire this type of bike. Chicco First Bike is not only the best bike without pedals of the moment, but above all it is ultralight so that it is easy to use by the boys, and to load for the parents, in the same way that it helps to develop the balance and the freedom of movements of the smallest. Take a look at its features below to find out why it is unquestionably the best selling model, the preferred one and the best choice in the market.

Bike without pedals Chicco First Bike
Chicco First Bike

Chicco First Bike bicycles without pedals are specially designed to help the child maintain the balance necessary to walk on two wheels, thus facilitating the passage to a bicycle with pedals. Both the handlebar and the saddle are adjustable in height to adapt to its growth. In addition, its structure is made of ultra-light metal to facilitate its handling. Its 10" wheels are made of anti-puncture material and the saddle has a non-slip effect to prevent slipping, which makes it a truly reliable bike.

  • Ultralight.
  • Help the child maintain balance.
  • Adjustable handlebar and saddle.
  • Anti-puncture wheels

A lot of attention to the comments of the buyers:

  1. A wonder, it is mounted in 45 seconds, my 3-year-old daughter flits with her, she looks strong, good is strong, she buys it because the son of a 3.5 year old friend has her more than a year and a child more animal than that I have not seen and there is giving everything the bike. Very satisfied with the purchase and my son more.
  2. He has gained in security and balance. It is a light bicycle and easy to handle by children. It adjusts the height of the handlebar and the seat and can take advantage of it for a long time.
  3. He loves it, not to mention that it is the bike that I see everywhere. It weighs very little so if you get tired, it is not a big burden when you have to catch it, or hook it in the car. My 2-and-a-half-year-old child was already starting with her and you are raising her saddle as she grows. Simply perfect.
  4. The bicycle is very easy to assemble and regular to adapt to the height of the child. Also it looks well built and resilient. Despite this it is not heavy and can be carried comfortably when the child tires of it.

Do not miss the offers we have specially selected for you on this fantastic bike without pedals, below:

Chicco First Bike - Bicicleta sin pedales con sillín regulable, color rojo, 2-5 años
  • Bicicleta sin pedales
  • Ultraligera
  • Ayuda al niño a mantener el equilibrio
  • Manillar y sillín ajustable
  • Ruedas anti-pinchazos

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