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ᐈ HiHiLL rear bike led light, best seller 2020! ✓

Attention to the rear bicycle light that we want to show you today. It is the most sold so far in 2018. Awesome!

It is the most sold so far in 2018 nothing more and nothing less.We have already talked at length about the importance of safety in the world of cycling, especially in road bikes, with accessories such as helmets. As a result, we bring you to review a HiHill rear bike light that will help you to be well marked on the road, and as a result we reduce the risk of accidents. The use of back lighting equipment in our bicycles, especially after becoming so fashionable nowadays LED headlights of high intensity and low consumption, has become widespread and the auxiliary industry has taken advantage of to place in the market more and more equipment, like this light Led powerful, lightweight and USB charging.

HiHill luz trasera
HiHill rear light

To begin, do not forget to review the details of this magnificent rear bicycle light HiHiLL that we show you below

  • Ultra bright red and waterproof light (IPX5): 100 lumen lamp, illuminating the night to keep you safe while driving in the dark, ready to use in all weather conditions.
    • Intelligent Charge: Will automatically turn off when fully charged, this smart charging ensures a long battery life. It only takes 1.5 hours on a full charge via a USB cable (included in the package)
    • 6 Brightness modes: 3 constant light modes (strong, medium, low), 3 flash modes (fast, medium speed, slow). It has multiple functions, it can be used as a helmet light for bicycle, back light for mountain bike, road bike light, bicycle safety light for children ...
    • Light Weight: Light weight of 30 gr.

In summary, for those who have not decided if this rear bicycle light is the best suited to your needs, nothing better than review the comments of all those who have already tested. After all, they are the ones who can give us a proven opinion thanks to their own experience:

  1. It is charged by means of a miniusb connection and can last 6 hours with the light continuing at the lowest intensity. I am delighted with this purchase, so much so that I have bought two, one for a friend.
    2. It is as it is described in the advertisement, the light has an excellent intensity, fast charge and lasts about 9 hours in blinking mode (specifically with the one I usually put). It has 3 blinking modes and 3 fixed light modes, in which the frequency and intensity of the light vary respectively. Tested in an exit with soft rain and 0 problems, neither with the light itself nor with the rubber clamp, which fulfills its function well. To me this device is already essential in the bike.
    3. It is a red led light, for rear signaling on bicycle among others. It has a good luminosity which allows to be seen at a great distance. Its design of an array of encapsulated LEDs improves visibility.
    4. This rear light looks a lot, it can be put in all shapes (steady light and flickering light and strong light and strong flashing) .Also you could put it horizontally or vertically. In addition it grabs very well on my mountain bike and It is not lost, for now, and I see that I go by roads at night and jumping and there is still a champion. I also tell you that it has rained a lot and without any problem. The battery life and I tell you that for sure I do not know, the last time in three hours of a fixed night did not end and I charge it again. Do not look at it very close the light because it hurts the eyes the intensity it has. It takes little time to load.
Paquete completo
HiHill full package

Last, but not least, attention to the offers we bring for this HiHill tail light:

HiHiLL Luces Bicicleta, Luz LED Trasera de Bicicleta, Luces para bicicleta con recargable USB, Luces con Impermeable para Ciclismo, 6 Modos de Brillo, Negro
  • ✔Ultra Brillante en Rojo & Impermeable (IPX5): Luces para bicicleta Es diseñado con el material de IPX-5 y se .30pcs LED cuentas de lámpara con 100 lumen, iluminando la noche para mantenerse segura mientras se conduce en la oscuridad, usar en todas las condiciones climáticas.
  • ✔Carga Inteligente: Se apagará automáticamente cuando está completamente cargada, la carga inteligente garantiza una duración larga de la batería,que sólo tarda 1,5 horas en una carga completa mediante un cable USB (incluido en el paquete)
  • ✔6 Modos de Brillo: 3 Modos de luz constantes (fuerte, medio, bajo), 3 modos de flash (Rápido, de velocidad media, lento). Tiene múltiples funciones, se puede ser utilizada como una luz de casco para bicicleta, luz trasera de montaña para bicicleta, luz de carretera, luz de seguridad de bicicleta para los niños, así sucesivamente
  • ✔Peso Ligero:Luces traseras bicicleta Peso ligero de 30g, es conveniente de colocar la luz trasera en cualquier lugar (como el manillar, la parte posterior de un casco, la tija del sillín y más) que desea utilizando la montura de goma
  • ✔1 Años de Garantía - es la mejor luz trasera de seguridad disponible de su categoría,Si tiene algún problema con este producto, le damos nuestra guía de bienvenida y nuestra garantía de 1 años sin preocupaciones

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