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ᐈ Uvex Boss Race, best rated! ✓

⭐ Today we bring you an accessory that we had not touched until now, absolutely indispensable: the case for the best rated bike: Uvex Boss Race. A super comfortable case, completely adjustable in height and width, so that it adapts perfectly to your head and does not dance, resistant and with a very comfortable inner lining so that you do not even realize that you are wearing it, nor bother with sweat , thanks to its 19 vents.

Casco para bici Uvex Boss Race
Bike helmet Uvex Boss Race

Uvex Boss Race, the best rated helmet in the reviews

What makes this helmet the best valued? Without a doubt, you can get an idea with the details that we have listed below:

  • 19 vents
  • Adjustable height and width headring
  • Excellent finishes
  • Comfortable interior lining
  • Fully adjustable chin strap
  • Unisex
  • Various colors to choose: Black, White, Carbon

Do not miss a helmet that is up to the high demands of the most qualified riders like you.

A fundamental element for one of the most important aspects in the world of cycling, safety, where it is important not to skimp when it comes to choosing. More important if it fits the wheels. Protect the head with the best helmet, which can be as important as it can save your life in case of accident.

Do not miss the comments of the buyers, below:

Beware of the offers that we bring from Amazon for this Uvex Boss Race:

Uvex Boss Race - Casco unisex, color carbono/blanco, talla 55-60
  • Construcción Double-Inmould (Doble Molde) que se caracteriza por su seguridad, solidez, ligereza y ventilación
  • Con sistema de cierre muy cómodo
  • IAS 3D+ Ajuste adicional en altura que permite encontrar la posición perfecta del sistema IAS en la parte posterior de la cabeza y garantiza un ajuste óptimo y sin presión, y la máxima ventilación
  • Sistema de correa progresiva y fácilmente ajustable en la zona de la barbilla
  • Tiene una malla especial en las aberturas de ventilación delanteras que protege contra los insectos y pequeñas partículas para que no obstaculicen la ventilación

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