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Attention to the rear bicycle light that we want to show you today. It is the most sold so far in 2018. Awesome!

It is the most sold so far in 2018 nothing more and nothing less.We have already talked at length about the importance of safety in the world of cycling, especially in road bikes, with accessories such as helmets. As a result, we bring you to review a HiHill rear bike light that will help you to be well marked on the road, and as a result we reduce the risk of accidents. The use of back lighting equipment in our bicycles, especially after becoming so fashionable nowadays LED headlights of high intensity and low consumption, has become widespread and the auxiliary industry has taken advantage of to place in the market more and more equipment, like this light Led powerful, lightweight and USB charging.

HiHill luz trasera
HiHill rear light

To begin, do not forget to review the details of this magnificent rear bicycle light HiHiLL that we show you below

  • Ultra bright red and waterproof light (IPX5): 100 lumen lamp, illuminating the night to keep you safe while driving in the dark, ready to use in all weather conditions.
    • Intelligent Charge: Will automatically turn off when fully charged, this smart charging ensures a long battery life. It only takes 1.5 hours on a full charge via a USB cable (included in the package)
    • 6 Brightness modes: 3 constant light modes (strong, medium, low), 3 flash modes (fast, medium speed, slow). It has multiple functions, it can be used as a helmet light for bicycle, back light for mountain bike, road bike light, bicycle safety light for children ...
    • Light Weight: Light weight of 30 gr.

In summary, for those who have not decided if this rear bicycle light is the best suited to your needs, nothing better than review the comments of all those who have already tested. After all, they are the ones who can give us a proven opinion thanks to their own experience:

  1. It is charged by means of a miniusb connection and can last 6 hours with the light continuing at the lowest intensity. I am delighted with this purchase, so much so that I have bought two, one for a friend.
    2. It is as it is described in the advertisement, the light has an excellent intensity, fast charge and lasts about 9 hours in blinking mode (specifically with the one I usually put). It has 3 blinking modes and 3 fixed light modes, in which the frequency and intensity of the light vary respectively. Tested in an exit with soft rain and 0 problems, neither with the light itself nor with the rubber clamp, which fulfills its function well. To me this device is already essential in the bike.
    3. It is a red led light, for rear signaling on bicycle among others. It has a good luminosity which allows to be seen at a great distance. Its design of an array of encapsulated LEDs improves visibility.
    4. This rear light looks a lot, it can be put in all shapes (steady light and flickering light and strong light and strong flashing) .Also you could put it horizontally or vertically. In addition it grabs very well on my mountain bike and It is not lost, for now, and I see that I go by roads at night and jumping and there is still a champion. I also tell you that it has rained a lot and without any problem. The battery life and I tell you that for sure I do not know, the last time in three hours of a fixed night did not end and I charge it again. Do not look at it very close the light because it hurts the eyes the intensity it has. It takes little time to load.
Paquete completo
HiHill full package

Last, but not least, attention to the offers we bring for this HiHill tail light:

HiHiLL Luces Bicicleta, Luz LED Trasera de Bicicleta, Luces para bicicleta con recargable USB, Luces con Impermeable para Ciclismo, 6 Modos de Brillo, Negro
  • Ultra Brillante en Rojo & Impermeable (IPX5): Luces para bicicleta Es diseñado con el material de IPX-5 y se .30pcs LED cuentas de lámpara con 100 lumen, iluminando la noche para mantenerse segura mientras se conduce en la oscuridad, usar en todas las condiciones climáticas.
  • Carga Inteligente: Se apagará automáticamente cuando está completamente cargada, la carga inteligente garantiza una duración larga de la batería,que sólo tarda 1,5 horas en una carga completa mediante un cable USB (incluido en el paquete)
  • 6 Modos de Brillo: 3 Modos de luz constantes (fuerte, medio, bajo), 3 modos de flash (Rápido, de velocidad media, lento). Tiene múltiples funciones, se puede ser utilizada como una luz de casco para bicicleta, luz trasera de montaña para bicicleta, luz de carretera, luz de seguridad de bicicleta para los niños, así sucesivamente
  • Peso Ligero:Luces traseras bicicleta Peso ligero de 30g, es conveniente de colocar la luz trasera en cualquier lugar (como el manillar, la parte posterior de un casco, la tija del sillín y más) que desea utilizando la montura de goma
  • 1 Años de Garantía - es la mejor luz trasera de seguridad disponible de su categoría,Si tiene algún problema con este producto, le damos nuestra guía de bienvenida y nuestra garantía de 1 años sin preocupaciones

Here are more alternatives:

Do not miss this breakthrough model as far as electric bicycle is concerned!

The market is boiling and catalogs are beginning to be overwhelming, but in addition, many restless manufacturers have managed to distance themselves from the rest and launched in 2018 several completely renovated ebikes. Today we have thought it interesting to review this awesome folding electric bike, once again from the great manufacturer Shimano. In addition to the innovation that involves being electric and folding, it is super light, since it weighs only 18 kg and has a range of 80 km.

Bicicleta eléctrica Shimano
Shimano Moma

If your thing is elegance and follow classic models but mix with a futuristic vision this will be your best option. It's a pretty eye-catching bicycle and perfect for walks. It has an aluminum frame that makes it one of the lightest bicycles you can find. It has an assisted pedaling system with 5 levels of control that you can graduate in power for greater comfort. That's right, it incorporates a pedaling assistance control.

Attention to the technical characteristics of this electric bicycle that we bring you next:

  •    36V 16Ah Ion-Lithium Battery
  •    250W Brushless Motor
  •    Assisted pedaling system
  •    LCD display:
    - Indicator level of assistance to the pedaling with 3 levels
    - Battery capacity.
  •    Variable power accelerator
  •    Shimano professional change TY-18 7v
  •    Autonomy 80 km
  •    Maximum speed 25 km / h
  •    Charging time 4h

Here you have the comments of the buyers in case you have not finished deciding

  1.     Ideal to go around the city, it is very comfortable and light, and the price quality ratio I think is unsurpassed, what I have my doubts is that the battery lasts as long as the ad says, for the rest everything is fine.
  2.    The bike is very good about the quality, I had a problem with the battery and the manufacturer solved it quickly. For now I have very good feelings.
  3.    Very complete, it folds very fast and the lightest I have found with gears and for this price. It comes with lights and suspension.
  4.    The operation is, in this first week of use, great. The front cushioning helps a lot
Shimano Moma
Shimano Moma

These are the offers that we bring from Amazon for this folding Shimano Moma

Moma Bikes Bicicleta Electrica, Plegable, Urbana EBIKE-20 ", Alu. SHIMANO 7V Bat. Ion Litio 36V 16Ah
  • Cuadro de Aluminio 6061
  • Dimension Bici plegada 80x72x40cm / Ligera 18kg
  • Batería Ion-Litio 36V 16Ah
  • Motor Brushless 250W
  • Autonomía hasta 80 km & Velocidad máx. 25 km/h

Other options for electric bicycles:

No products found.

Attention to the review we make today of these impressive shoes for Shimano mountain bike, the Shimano SPD SH XC31L, one last!

⭐ The Shimano SPD SH XC31L are designed to optimize the performance of each stroke, ensuring comfort and the perfect fit at all times. A great lightness, its excellent ventilation and the shape of its last, make it a perfect tool for champions. The well-known manufacturer of products for cycling Shimano has a wide range of cycling shoes. The Shimano cycling shoes are made of flexible, lightweight and comfortable synthetic leather. They have excellent elasticity with high memory and guarantee superior durability and high resistance to abrasion.

Shimano SPD SH XC31L
Shimano SPD SH XC31L


Cycling shoes have a microfiber or leather upper with a sturdy and rigid outsole that, in the case of MTB cycling shoes (or MTB shoes), have a profile designed to have maximum traction in all types of land. The closure system can be by Velcro strips or by combining them with a micrometric buckle closure. In both cases, a secure fit must be ensured at all times.

What makes these cycling shoes the best choice? Without a doubt, you can get an idea with the details that we have listed below:

  • The template with adjustable reinforcement adapts to a variety of foot shapes.
  • Shimano Dynalast convinces by its precise adjustment and improves pedal efficiency.
  • Outer sole with dirt-repellent polyurethane grains and support for the plantar arch for efficient pedaling.
  • With interchangeable studs.

Do not miss the comments of the buyers, below:

  1. It was a gift and the truth that very happy, ask for a number more than the number you wear in the sneakers or street shoes, otherwise everything is perfect.
  2. They have been a successful gift. They fit well, they look tough, beautiful and you can walk well with them without the coves rubbing the ground.
  3. These shoes were a gift for spinning on a static bike, it adapts perfectly to the pedals with anchor dynamo type, the number corresponds to the one of their shoes and they are great, I received them quickly and I am very happy with the purchase. I recommend them.
  4. Apparently they seem hard but as soon as the tests feel comfortable and light.


Shimano SPD SH XC31L , varios colores
Shimano SPD SH XC31L , various colors

Beware of the offers that we bring from Amazon for these Shimano SPD SH XC31L

Shimano Bicicleta de montaña Calzado Zapatillas de Ciclismo para Adulto SH-XC31L GR, 38 SPD 3, Klettverschl Varios Coloures, 38, ESHXC31G380L
  • 3 correas de gancho y bucle duraderas extender la fuerza de apriete a través de la parte superior del pie
  • Almohadilla de arco para una estabilidad sin rebabarse, las patas de la suela de desprendimiento de barro permiten que caen desechos de barro
  • La correa de la cruz X alivia la presión cuando está fuera de la bici
  • Con cuero sintético y malla resistente resistente al estiramiento; suela de nylon reforzada con fibra de vidrio con tacos de poliuretano

Other options of bicycle shoes:

⭐ Today we bring you an accessory that we had not touched until now, absolutely indispensable: the case for the best rated bike: Uvex Boss Race. A super comfortable case, completely adjustable in height and width, so that it adapts perfectly to your head and does not dance, resistant and with a very comfortable inner lining so that you do not even realize that you are wearing it, nor bother with sweat , thanks to its 19 vents.

Casco para bici Uvex Boss Race
Bike helmet Uvex Boss Race

Uvex Boss Race, the best rated helmet in the reviews

What makes this helmet the best valued? Without a doubt, you can get an idea with the details that we have listed below:

  • 19 vents
  • Adjustable height and width headring
  • Excellent finishes
  • Comfortable interior lining
  • Fully adjustable chin strap
  • Unisex
  • Various colors to choose: Black, White, Carbon

Do not miss a helmet that is up to the high demands of the most qualified riders like you.

A fundamental element for one of the most important aspects in the world of cycling, safety, where it is important not to skimp when it comes to choosing. More important if it fits the wheels. Protect the head with the best helmet, which can be as important as it can save your life in case of accident.

Do not miss the comments of the buyers, below:

Beware of the offers that we bring from Amazon for this Uvex Boss Race:

Uvex Boss Race - Casco unisex, color carbono/blanco, talla 55-60
  • Construcción Double-Inmould (Doble Molde) que se caracteriza por su seguridad, solidez, ligereza y ventilación
  • Con sistema de cierre muy cómodo
  • IAS 3D+ Ajuste adicional en altura que permite encontrar la posición perfecta del sistema IAS en la parte posterior de la cabeza y garantiza un ajuste óptimo y sin presión, y la máxima ventilación
  • Sistema de correa progresiva y fácilmente ajustable en la zona de la barbilla
  • Tiene una malla especial en las aberturas de ventilación delanteras que protege contra los insectos y pequeñas partículas para que no obstaculicen la ventilación

More alternatives for bicycle helmets:

⭐ We bring one of the least taken into account products in terms of bike accessories, and yet it is essential to run on a regular, reliable and without incident. We talk about the lubricant of the chain, we are talking about Squirt Lube, the lubricant most chosen by the riders in 2018. It is evident that the lubricant of the chain may not be given the importance it has, but we must bear in mind that the greasing of chain affects more assemblies than the chain itself, such as pinions and plates. And that is where you have to notice the choice of the best product.

Squirt Lube lubricante de cadena
Squirt Lube lubricante de cadena

Squirt Lube is a unique chain lubricant that contains waxes and water in the form of an emulsion that stays clean for a long time, prolonging the service life of the entire drive train, even in wet conditions. Its viscous texture allows an easy application, without dispersion of the product in undesired areas and in the necessary amount. It also keeps the chain clean at all times, since it does not accumulate dirt.

  •     It does not need degreaser.
  •     Does not contain solvents.
  •     Biodegradable product and respectful with the environment.
  •     Avoid sucking the chain.

Employment recommendations for Squirt Lube:

Shake well and apply on the inside of a clean and dry chain by turning the connecting rods. Do not eliminate the excess, even if it seems excessive.
For better results, leave secra a few minutes. In wet conditions it is important that the lubricant be completely dry.

Then you can buy Squirt Lube at the Amazon store:

Squirt Clean Long Lasting Chain lube 120ml
  • Squirt es un lubricante único de cadena - que contiene ceras y agua en forma de emulsión que se mantiene limpio, dura mucho tiempo y prolonga la vida útil del tren de accionamiento.
  • - Lubricación de gran duración, incluso en condiciones de humedad. - Mantiene la cadena limpia en todo momento, ya que no acumula suciedad. - Su rendimiento alarga la vida de la transmisión (cadena, piñones y platos). - Evita el chupado de cadena. - Su textura viscosa permite una fácil aplicación, sin dispersión del producto en zonas no deseadas y en la cantidad necesaría. - No necesita desengrasante. - Su uso regular no disminuye la necesidad de aplicación, alargando la duración del producto. - No contiene disolventes. - Producto biodegradable y respetuoso con el entorno.

More lubricant options:

⭐ Today we bring to review Kutook gel cycling gloves, great gloves for your outings to the road, both for cold temperatures and in summer. Its elastic padded tegido, and the gel protections make them ideal for the rounds of road in the bike, allowing the transpiration correctly and avoiding the appearance of blisters, with a total control over the grip. You can even handle the mobile without problems, thanks to your special tegido designed specifically for this purpose.

KUTOOK Guantes de ciclismo de Gel
KUTOOK Guantes de ciclismo de Gel

These are the characteristics about the KUTOOK Gel Cycling Gloves, which make it the preferred choice for bike lovers in 2018:

  •     Material: 28% Lycra, 24% Nylon, 12% Neoprene, 36% Synthetic Leather.
  •     Palm of the hand with gel filling, anti-shock and anti-slip.
  •     Touch screen design. You can touch the phone's screen with the tip of your index finger on these gloves.
  •     Good breathability and elasticity. Innocativi and light micro-network on the back.
  •     Logo and high quality velcro. Easy to use and ideal for cycling.

Easy to use and ideal for cycling.


¿Why gloves?

Almost as important as choosing a good saddle or wheels, it is essential to have a good eye when deciding on gloves that adapt perfectly to your hands, since they are the element with which you control the movements of the bike, the same way you do with shoes. To have an objective criterion and the maximum possible information before choosing, do not miss the comments of the buyers, below:

  1. Very comfortable and beautiful. And the best part is that even though they are very thin, I have been able to verify this winter that they help a lot against the cold. However, at the moment I have not had anything serious that they have put to the test and have protected my hands. However, with what I have used them for the moment, no complaints and happy with the purchase.
  2. I received them a couple of days ago and I have released them today. They are exactly as they appear in the photo and comfortable. Perhaps, they are a little wide (and they make it a bit difficult to use the phone), but one size less would have been a little bit fair .Also for the price they have, I do not know if there will be many better options. At the moment, I think it's a good purchase.
  3. I love gloves, they are of good quality, and they fit perfectly in the hand. They are beautiful, comfortable and perfect for summer. The price-quality ratio is unbeatable. Buy fully recommended.
  4. I have released them today, for a very extreme cold they will not be as efficient, but I have used them in a route of more than two hours with an average temperature of 6º and they have been perfect, in no time the hands have been cold.
Kutook vista lateral
Kutook vista lateral

Beware of the offers we bring you from Amazon for these KUTOOK Gel cycling gloves

KUTOOK Guantes Ciclismo Gel Almohadilla de Completos Dedos para Bicicleta MTB
  • Material: 28% de Lycra, 24% de Nylon, 12% de Neopreno, 36% de Cuero sintético.
  • Palma de la mano con relleno de gel, anti-choque y anti-deslizante.
  • Toque diseño de pantalla. Puede tocar la pantalla del teléfono con la punta del dedo índice en estos guantes.
  • Buena transpirabilidad y elasticidad. Innocativi y ligero micro-red en la parte posterior.
  • Logotipo y belcro de alta calidad. Fácil de usar e ideal para el ciclismo, el senderismo y el montañismo.

Other bicycle gloves options:

⭐ The Tacx Antares T-1000 roller is, without a doubt, the BEST roll of training at home in the market in 2018! For its robustness, design and stability, you will buy the best option in the market to train without leaving home. The Tacx brand is well known for its products for both professionals and weekend riders. His training roller is the classic one formed by 3 cylinders of blue color, typical of the brand, placed on the frame. They are solid rollers that move fluidly, with central bearings that prevent vibration.


Rodillo Tacx Antares T-1000
Tacx Antares T-1000

There is a wide variety of rollers on the market, so if you want to know which is the best bicycle roller in 2018 do not stop reading our review, where we tell you what is the choice of bike fans, and we list all the details. Its characteristics make this roller the most chosen by buyers this year 2018, check out these comments below:

  1.     Outstanding design that improves stability.
  2.     Tapered rollers that guarantee that your bike stays always in the center.
  3.     Great balance in static, improving security.
  4.     Small size, ideal for storage and handling without major problems.
  5.     Silent besides comfortable.

We hope that this video is sufficiently demonstrative of the functionalities of the Tacx Antares T-1000 roller. All these details make Tacx Antares T-1000 ideal for training those rainy days or you do not have much time to go out. Do not miss the best training roller on the market!

Attention to the comments on this roller:

  1.     It is a very practical roller to train in winter. You do not have to hold the bicycle, which is an advantage so that the materials of the frame do not suffer so much fatigue.
  2.     This roller is perfect to train at home and improve your balance technique, I use it with road bike and it is very quiet.
  3.     The roller works wonders. I bought it as a reconditioned product and it arrived untouched, with no marks of use and everything was perfect.
  4.     I recommend it 100%. If you guide that your workouts are not accompanied by boredom this is your roller. I got used to it right away and I've been around for 300km, very happy.

See the offers we have for you to buy the best training roller:

Tacx Antares T-1000 - Rodillo de ciclismo
  • Los rodillos son una buena y revolucionaria contribución al universo del ciclismo en pista
  • Estos rodillos presentan un diseño destacado ya que gracias a la forma cónica mejoran notablemente la estabilidad
  • Garantizan un arruinado influencia de inercia de la masa
  • Cuando está plegado miden 80 cm así que son fáciles de acarrear y administrar
  • Se recomienda el uso de una estera para reducir la vibración

Other options related to Tacx Antares:

RebajasBestseller No. 1
RebajasBestseller No. 2
Tacx Antares T-1000 - Rodillo de ciclismo
 Technische Industrie Tacx - Deportes
170,05 EUR
RebajasBestseller No. 3
RebajasBestseller No. 4

⭐ We present the Apace Vision, the best rechargeable USB rear light, ultra bright, compact and weighing less than 30 gr. In this review we explain its features, advantages and we advance the best offers we have found in the market.

Luz de bici trasera
Apace Vision

¿Why is the best rear bike light?

  • Super bright. COB LED with 6 settings to give you the visibility you need on the busiest streets during the day and on the darkest roads at night.
  • Superior battery life: 2 hours of charging gives you 12 hours of safety and fun!
  • Lightweight and durable: The IPX3 waterproof rear light for bicycles weighs less than 30 g, but can with the harshest weather conditions.
  • Visibility of 120 degrees and a wide beam of light: The wide beam of light allows you to be seen from a great distance and the visibility of 120 degrees will avoid blinding the driver or cyclist coming in the opposite direction and thus avoid any accident.

Please, have a close look at the advantages compared to other lights

It is important to have opinions that highlight the most important characteristics of this rear bike light. As an example of this, here are some comments:

  1. Very well complemented with accessories, several sets of rubber bands of different sizes and two rubber supports.
  2. It allows several configurations of intensities and flicker modes, as well as the charging time is very short.
  3. A pretty tight price.

You like what you see? Now you can buy the best rear bike light directly here!

Apace Vision Luz Trasera para Bicicleta Recargable USB - Potente LED Faro Trasero Bici - Muy Luminoso y Fácil de Instalar Luces Rojas Máxima Seguridad Ciclismo
  • GUARD G3X - MÁS POTENCIA, MEJOR PRECIO: ¿Quieres la mejor luz trasera de bicicleta recargable por USB ultra brillante que sea compacta, fina y pese menos de 30 g? ¿Con 6 ajustes de iluminación? ¿Un amplio ángulo de haz de luz? ¿Con visibilidad de 120 grados? ¿Una carcasa impermeable IPX3? ¿A un precio razonable? Aquí la tienes.
  • LA MÁS LUMINOSA - LA MEJOR OPCIÓN PARA LOS CICLISTAS: ¿Tienes bici de ciudad o bici de montaña? Te encantarán las características de SEGURIDAD de estas luces traseras rojas - Funciona con una batería de litio recargable FIABLE de 500 mAh, y 30 luces LED BRILLANTES recomendada por ciclistas como la mejor opción para hacer ciclismo nocturno o para desplazarse de día.
  • RÁPIDA Y DURADERA - 2 HORAS DE CARGA = 12 HORAS DE DIVERSIÓN: Lánzate a la aventura; hemos diseñado esta luz trasera para bicicleta para ofrecer mayor potencia y mayor rendimiento. Se carga con cualquier dispositivo USB en 2 horas o menos, te AHORRAS cientos de euros en baterías y DURA entre 4 y 12 horas; vive el ciclismo con pasión, de día o de noche.
  • IMPRESIONANTE RELACIÓN CALIDAD-PRECIO - APTA PARA CUALQUIER BICICLETA: El kit de luces traseras para bicicleta prémium se engancha a prácticamente cualquier cuadro, horquilla, tija de sillín, manillar o casco de bicicleta. Te lo ponemos FÁCIL al incluir 1 luz LED trasera de bicicleta, 1 cable de carga USB, 2 monturas de silicona, 4 anillos de montaje de diferentes tamaños y un manual de usuario muy sencillo. ¡No necesitas herramientas!
  • DISFRUTA CON GARANTÍA DOBLE: Ciclistas adultos y padres de niños ciclistas afirman que esta luz trasera perfecta para acompañar al faro delantero de bicicleta tiene una RELACIÓN CALIDAD-PRECIO IMPRESIONANTE. De CONSTRUCCIÓN SÓLIDA y con una garantía de 30 días para que quedes satisfecho o te devolvemos el dinero y 1 año de garantía completa, es la mejor luz trasera de seguridad disponible de su categoría.

More options about Apace Vision


⭐ We present Shimano Vcycle 700C carbon wheels super light, yes, obviously not cheap. It is a very premium option in terms of budget, but it will undoubtedly delight the lucky one who can opt for this choice. The wheels manufactured in carbon are very effective in terms of lightness and durability, since they are several times more resistant than aluminum, for example. Most professional cyclists usually change aluminum wheels for carbon wheels. The composition of the carbon wheels also makes aerodynamic performance much more effective, this compared to aluminum really makes a big difference. That is why it is a very premium option.

Ruedas Vcycle 700C
Ruedas Vcycle 700C

Interesting, right? There is a lot of attention to the technical characteristics, since these super light wheels are not suitable for any road bike. For this reason, better take a look at the following section of the review:

  • Size: 700C
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Finish: UD Matte
  • Surface Of Brakes: Basalt
  • Radios Holes: 20/24
  • Max Voltage Radii: 130 kg
  • Maximum Weight Allowed: 110 kg
  • Highest inflation pressure: 120 psi / 8bar
Vcycle 700C de fibra de carbono
Vcycle 700C de fibra de carbono

Of course, we could not stop including the comments of the buyers, who tend to be the most reliable in the end:

  1. Enchanted with them. The seller resolved all my doubts during the purchase process. Excellent atention. Aesthetically very beautiful and the logos are painted non-adhesive. Quality detail for some wheels of this price. They carry spare radios as well as brake pads and light closures. The weight within the tolerances indicated in the description. Today first exit with wind and rain. The wheels have behaved perfectly. Super light. They roll fine and they throw themselves very easily. The perfect braking in dry and more than correct in wet. Nothing to envy my premium brand aluminum wheels and they cost twice as much.
  2. Used only in two exits of 70 and 145km. Without any problem. Braking power with the shoes that bring you very good with nothing to envy aluminum. Light They roll very fine. You just need to test them in the wet to see how they slow down and see if they can hold the km well. They have arrived perfectly centered. Easy mounting of the tubular with double-sided tape. I recommend them considering that I have only used them in two exits.
  3. They look great on the bike and are perfect on the road. Very happy with them, and it seems that the performance will be perfect!

Pay attention to the offers that Amazon has for these wheels, without a doubt the best option to buy them right now:

VCYCLE 700C Fibra de Carbono Carretera Bicicleta Ruedas 50mm Remachador 23mm Ancho 1700g Shimano o Sram 8/9/10/11 Velocidades
  • VCYCLE basalto superficie de frenado tiene la ventaja de resistencia da alta temperatura puede reducir la probabilidad de ruedas carbono carretera bicicleta de ardor de lado.
  • Novatec eje de carretera que se hace en Taiwán es durable, la luz y pueden utilizar 3-5 años bajo uso normal.
  • Hace de 23mm de ancho nuestras ruedas tiene más peso, mejor estabilidad y sentido de camino. También, mejora la aerodinámica creando un flujo de aire más uniforme sobre la rueda.
  • Pinchos es más ligero que pinchos de acero y tiene de intensidad alta, larga vida útil. Pastillas de freno son por encargo según la llanta de carbono carretera bicicleta y proteja el lado de freno en la mayor medida. Cuatro radios perfilados aerodinámicas gratuito y pezones pueden sustituir a las dañadas.
  • Garantía: 24 meses bajo uso normal.Los impuestos son pagados por adelantado por el vendedor, el comprador no tiene que pagar por ello

More options of carbon fiber wheels:

We could not let more time pass without touching the theme of children's bikes, especially those without pedals that are becoming increasingly popular in 2018. Here we bring the number 1 market, and therefore, the preferred choice at the time to acquire this type of bike. Chicco First Bike is not only the best bike without pedals of the moment, but above all it is ultralight so that it is easy to use by the boys, and to load for the parents, in the same way that it helps to develop the balance and the freedom of movements of the smallest. Take a look at its features below to find out why it is unquestionably the best selling model, the preferred one and the best choice in the market.

Bike without pedals Chicco First Bike
Chicco First Bike

Chicco First Bike bicycles without pedals are specially designed to help the child maintain the balance necessary to walk on two wheels, thus facilitating the passage to a bicycle with pedals. Both the handlebar and the saddle are adjustable in height to adapt to its growth. In addition, its structure is made of ultra-light metal to facilitate its handling. Its 10" wheels are made of anti-puncture material and the saddle has a non-slip effect to prevent slipping, which makes it a truly reliable bike.

  • Ultralight.
  • Help the child maintain balance.
  • Adjustable handlebar and saddle.
  • Anti-puncture wheels

A lot of attention to the comments of the buyers:

  1. A wonder, it is mounted in 45 seconds, my 3-year-old daughter flits with her, she looks strong, good is strong, she buys it because the son of a 3.5 year old friend has her more than a year and a child more animal than that I have not seen and there is giving everything the bike. Very satisfied with the purchase and my son more.
  2. He has gained in security and balance. It is a light bicycle and easy to handle by children. It adjusts the height of the handlebar and the seat and can take advantage of it for a long time.
  3. He loves it, not to mention that it is the bike that I see everywhere. It weighs very little so if you get tired, it is not a big burden when you have to catch it, or hook it in the car. My 2-and-a-half-year-old child was already starting with her and you are raising her saddle as she grows. Simply perfect.
  4. The bicycle is very easy to assemble and regular to adapt to the height of the child. Also it looks well built and resilient. Despite this it is not heavy and can be carried comfortably when the child tires of it.

Do not miss the offers we have specially selected for you on this fantastic bike without pedals, below:

Chicco First Bike - Bicicleta sin pedales con sillín regulable, color rojo, 2-5 años
  • Bicicleta sin pedales
  • Ultraligera
  • Ayuda al niño a mantener el equilibrio
  • Manillar y sillín ajustable
  • Ruedas anti-pinchazos

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